Business Continuity


To many employers business continuity, or disaster recovery, is a matter for the computer people! Whilst it is true that the loss of electronically held data and hardware can be costly, and plans to prevent this should be devised and implemented, recovering from a major crisis is not just about computers.


If you could not access your workplace, perhaps because the utility companies had drilled through piping outside or an accident had closed off the road, what would you do?  If a burst water tank flooded your office how would you cope?


The answer depends on your best guess of how long it would be before you had access and what you would find when you did.  Unfortunately, over 90% of businesses which are forced to temporarily close never fully recover with many going out of business altogether.


At Iresons we offer you our experience in crisis management which includes documenting systems, allocating responsibilities and the establishment and implementation of procedures to safeguard your business in the unlikely event of a crisis.  Call us for a discussion on how we could help.