Starting your own business


Starting your own business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make and can be costly if plans go wrong! There are many factors to consider and you should speak with a professional adviser before you start making plans.  That’s where we come in.


As Accountants, Iresons can help you with an overall business plan, cash flow and budget.  We can also explain the differences if using a limited liability company and advise on pricing structures and profit margins.  We are also happy to meet and work with your bankers, perhaps providing regular updates to them as the new business grows.


We can also put you in touch with creative design studios to design stationery to achieve “the look” you want and perhaps refer you to a market research company to help you establish what market there is for your business.  You'll also need to consider if you should be using social media to raise your profile in addition to traditional methods.


Once you’ve started trading we can meet with you and, as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, help you maintain your accounting records, send out customer statements on a timely basis and arrange the payment of creditors each month.

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