Dealing with the authorities


Setting up a business in Jersey has its own problems and it pays to be aware of the many legal and statutory obligations you will be under.


First you will need to ensure you qualify to own and run a business on the Island.  You will have to apply for a licence from the Chief Minister’s Office detailing the proposed activities, how many staff you intend to employ and what premises you propose to occupy.  You will need to demonstrate that the new business will be “in the Island’s best interests” before consent is granted even though unemployment has become an issue in the last year or two.


You may need work permits from the Housing Department and consent for some business activities may be required from the Jersey Financial Services Commission.  The business must also register as an employer with the Social Security Department and will be subject to the Employment laws and Health & Safety laws.  It must also register with Income Tax for ITIS purposes and perhaps for GST.


At Iresons, we can guide you through this maze of paperwork. Step by step we can help your business ensure all its regulatory requirements are met.  Once established we will work with you and can refer you to specialist service providers where necessary.