Preparation of accounts


One of the main areas of our business is in the preparation of clients’ accounts each year showing the profit or loss made and a statement of assets and liabilities at the end of the financial year.


The recent changes to Jersey’s tax system mean there is no longer a strict requirement to submit a company's accounts to the Comptroller of Taxes but it is still vital these be prepared on a regular basis to calculate deemed and actual dividends which do need to be included on personal tax returns each year.


Banks will often ask for up to date accounts in connection with business and personal borrowing, Education Sport & Culture officials will need them if you are applying for a grant towards your child's university fees and Social Security staff will ask for them in support of any Class ll earnings related contribution claim.


We pride ourselves on offering a value for money accounts production service.  These could include monthly or quarterly management accounts or annual accounts.  Either way we will agree a programme of work with you before we start, work to your deadlines and highlight potential issues at the time enabling you to take remedial action quickly.