Tax Issues - Business & Personal


The recent changes to Jersey’s tax system with the introduction of the Zero/Ten system have led to confusion and doubt over tax planning.  Iresons, as tax agents approved by the Comptroller of Taxes, are able to go through these changes and explain the rationale behind their introduction and likely effect on you and your business both now and in the future.


This is an important area and should not be overlooked.  Whether it’s deciding on your financial year end, calculating deemed and/or final dividends, from their introduction to their abolition, the taxation of benefits in kind or whether or not to register for GST we can help.  We can even prepare and submit your monthly ITIS Return and quarterly GST Return for you if required.


The tax position for individuals has also changed greatly with the introduction of new style Tax Returns and the loss of various allowances.  Again Iresons can help explain the changes and their likely financial impact on you.


We can even prepare and submit your Income Tax Return and check and agree your tax assessment and ITIS rate for you.